In the WPGlobus core plugin, we are keeping the number of filters as low as possible, to minimize the potential performance hit. Therefore, only two WordPress options, blogdescription and blogname can be translated.

Sometimes, it is necessary to allow multiple languages in other options. For instance, a slider plugin used by your theme may store the textual overlays in the options table. With the WPGlobus Translate Options plugin, all you need is to add your theme to the “Options to translate”, and all the slider texts will be multilingual!

Please read these pages for more information:

Multilingual Texts in WordPress Theme Options Panel
Multilingual Theme Options with WPGlobus Plus


Get WPGlobus Translate Options

Excerpts from the changelog:

  • Starting from the version 1.2.0, you can browse the original data in the wp_options table.
  • Starting from the version 1.3.0, you can search for the stings in the wp_options table. Finding the option to be translated is now much easier!
    WPGlobus Tanslate Options
  • In the version 1.4.0, we added a section for WPGlobus to WordPress Customizer.