Multilingual TablePress is a part of the WPGlobus Plus extension. When enabled, it adds multi-language editing capabilities to the TablePress plugin by Tobias Bäthge.

Below is a table example. Use the language switcher at the top to see the page and the table translated into another language.

WPGlobus TablePress Example: Table Name

Header AHeader B
Footer AFooter B
Row 1, Column ARow 1, Column B
Row 2, Column ARow 2, Column B
WPGlobus TablePress Example: Description

How does it work?

  1. Install WPGlobus Plus and activate its TablePress module
  2. Now, when you create a TablePress table, you’ll notice the WPGlobus multilingual editor icons. Click on the icons to open the dialog window with tabbed interface and enter the texts in all languages of your site.
  3. To edit the table content in multiple languages, use the language switcher dropdown menu.

Watch the short presentation: