We are happy to announce that the family of Multilingual WordPress Plugins WPGlobus just got a couple of new members!

WPGlobus Plus

The “Plus” is a paid extension to the WPGlobus, available for purchase at the WPGlobus Store. We collected there several features and “tweaks” that were requested by the users on the WordPress.org support forum. Among them are:

  • Ability to specify different URLs (“slugs”) separately for each translation. the URL can now contain the translated focus keyword. According to the technical SEO principles, this should add more weight to the page. In the first release of the WPGlobus Plus, we allow changing slugs for the Posts and Pages. Other post types and taxonomies will follow.
  • In addition to the above, Yoast SEO received more multilingual features. The infamous Page Analysis is now equipped with the WPGlobus tabs. That allows checking the potential rankings for each language separately.
  • Another feature that might affect SEO is separate publish / draft status per language. The default behavior of a multilingual WordPress site powered by WPGlobus is: if a translation does not exist then display the main language content. Thus, if you have written a blog post in English, and your site has also French and German, you should translate the text first, and then click “Publish”. Now, with “Plus”, you can mark the unfinished translations as “drafts” and publish only the completed! From the SEO point of view, this means less duplicate content.
  • We support the Advanced Custom Fields from the very first release. Now, there is one more supported field type: WYSIWYG. The “Plus” extension adds multilingual capabilities to the WYSIWYG ACF field.

WPGlobus for Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

This extension is free, and it’s available for immediate download at the WordPress.org plugin repository.

This plugin adds a new Visual Editor widget type that allows you to insert rich text and media objects in your sidebars with no hassle. The default WordPress text widget lacks of functionalities and it requires HTML knowledge, this plugin was born to overcome these limitations. With Black Studio TinyMCE Widget you will be able to edit your widgets in a WYSIWYG manner using the native WordPress TinyMCE editor, just like you do in posts and pages. And if you are a developer you may still switch back and forth from Visual to HTML mode.

With this new extension, WPGlobus works just fine with Black Studio, making it multilingual, without the necessity of installing WPML.

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