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I tried WPGlobus, Polylang and Xili to add second language to my site. Out of these three WPGlobus is the most user friendly and easiest to get running without any coding understanding. I ran into few problems on my custom theme with few fields not translating correctly, but with WPGlobus Plus addon and help from developers I got my site working. Developers replied and handled the problem within one day of submitting a ticket.

Easy to use. Helpful developers, sebasti

I tried to find a simple and easy to use multilingual plugin that works straightforward.
I downloaded and tried 2 different plugins but had terrible nightmare and I almost gave up multilingual project until I did one more search and Walllaaa~!!!
Easy as 1-2-3 installation of ‘WPGlobus’ is not only the best but indebted to its excellent admin section, I now became an expert in using it within much less than a delightful hour…

It can’t be better than WPGlobus, huetr

The customer service is really perfect.
I encountered a problem and sent them an email.
They replied me immediately and helped me to deal this problem.

Customer Service is Perfect, ivanwu

I use this plugin on three language site.
It works very well!
Thank You for Your work !

Thank You!, chlv

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607, 2020

WPGlobus Multilingual Notices 2.1.0

July 6th, 2020|

2020-07-04 – version 2.1.0
* Added support more fields for the `GDPR Cookie Consent` plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/cookie-law-info/).

2019-10-08 – version 2.0.0
* Added support for the `GDPR Cookie Consent` plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/cookie-law-info/).

“Multilingual Notices” adds multilingual capabilities to the plugins displaying GDPR/cookies notifications.

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