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With WPGlobus Plus, you will be able to hold incomplete translations as “drafts”, translate URLs (post/page “slugs”), customize the menu language switcher layout and more. See details in the description below.

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WPGlobus Plus extension adds several modules to the WPGlobus Multilingual WordPress plugin:

WPGlobus Plus: options panel

Attention: WPGlobus Plus is not a substitution for the main plugin, WPGlobus, but an addition. Do not deactivate WPGlobus when you install the WPGlobus Plus!


WPGlobus Plus: the With this module, you will be able to write a post in one language and immediately publish it, not waiting for the translation to other languages.

There won’t be any duplicate content because the post will be simply invisible in all languages marked as “draft”. It won’t appear in the language switchers or in any archives until you translate it.


WPGlobus Plus: the SLUG moduleThe SLUG module lets you set different URLs for each translation.

The slug part of the URL is generated from the translated post title, but you will be able to edit it and type anything you like, even in the native character set!

“Switcher Menu”

WPGlobus Plus: the SWITCHER MENU moduleWhen you activate this module, you receive an additional “tweaking” option for the Language Switcher menu.

By default, WPGlobus adds the list of languages to the site’s menus as a drop-down menu, showing the current language at the top. With WPGlobus Plus, you can place all language selectors in one rowflat, with or without flags, or the flags only.
If you need to hide the current language selector just add a rule

.wpglobus-current-language{ display:none; }

in Custom CSS on the WPGlobus Settings page.

“Menu Settings”

The “Menu Settings” module allows association of different menus with different languages. For each menu location (Primary, Secondary, Site, Footer – as defined by your theme), you will be able to choose, which menu is displayed for each language.

WPGlobus Plus menu settings

For instance, you will be able to create a “Primary Menu English” and “Primary Menu German”, with different titles and links. Then, with WPGlobus Plus, you will assign them to the corresponding languages.

“Multilingual TablePress”

Multilingual TablePress

Enables multilingual editing of the tables created with the TablePress plugin.

For demonstration and instructions, please see this page.


Translating theme -- Edit multilingual text

This module is a tool for WordPress administrators and theme authors to add multilingual editing to the Theme Option panels.

For more details, please read this article.

“TinyMCE Multilingual”

WPGlobus Plus TinyMCE Settings

WPGlobus Plus TinyMCE Settings

“ACF Plus”

WPGlobus Plus: the ACF moduleAn important addition to the Advanced Custom Fields multilingual support: now, you will be able to write the WYSIWYG text in multiple languages using the ACF’s WYSIWYG field.

The language switcher is simple: it’s the same familiar WPGlobus Tabs!

“Yoast SEO Plus”

WPGlobus Plus adds a huge improvement to the multilingual support of Yoast SEO. Now, you are able to set the focus keyword and perform the Page Analysis separately for each translation!

NOTE: Starting from version 2.2.20, WPGlobus supports Yoast SEO Premium in a test mode. If you have any questions, please contact us.


With the “Taxonomies” module, you will be able to translate slugs of the categories, tags, and terms, including those coming with Custom Post Types.
This module is currently at a beta-testing stage. Please contact us for more details.

How To Install WPGlobus Extensions

Please read this article

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7 reviews for WPGlobus Plus multilingual extension

  1. Dan

    I got this module for the Publish feature. It worked perfectly – it allowed me to show an article in English on the EN site and not show it at all on a translated version by marking that article as not ready for that language. The admin interface to manage this is nicely done and very simple to use.
    Also Alex in their support was very quick to answer my initial question.
    Money well spent!
    We use it at http://www.oaklins.com.

  2. Juergen

    I bought the plugin and it works perfect. Also, the support was very fast and helpful when I needed some further php-code that is related to the theme I use at https://my-lab.com Great plugin, I can recommend it anytime!

  3. Marc

    Alex provides a great support, compliant with WC vendors and ACF and Yoast.

  4. Shami

    Thanks for the great support Alex.

  5. Frederick Hartmann

    Alex helped me a lot with the installation of WPGlobus on my website and solved all problems. This is just perfect, thank you Alex 5 stars!