WPGlobus is a “Website Globalization” multilingual WordPress plugin focusing on internationalization of e-Commerce sites.

People are a lot more likely to interact with your website if it is available in their own language.

— Capt. O.B.Vious

By creating a multilingual website that caters for a global audience, you are demonstrating that you care about communicating with your customers.

Translating all pages to make the site “global” is sufficient for simple sites.

However, when it comes to e-Commerce, additional challenges may arise. The Buyer, the Seller and the Site Administrator may all speak different languages… Several currencies may be used in one transaction, when buying products from different vendors… A user may have a non-trivial combination of residence, language and currency… Some countries are multi-lingual, so clicking on a country flag is not always enough… and so on.

WPGlobus will attempt to solve those problems. It’s a long way down the road but we are full of energy and optimism.