WPGlobus Version 2 is a new major version, designed to work with WordPress 5.

It is compatible with the Gutenberg Editor, which is now a part of the WordPress Core, and with the Classic Editor plugin v.1.

Note: the Classic Editor v.1.0 is not compatible with WordPress 4! For WordPress 4.9 and earlier versions, please stay with the Classic Editor v.0.5

2019-06-04 – version 2.2.9
* Added: (Vendor/All In One SEO Pack) Support All In One SEO Pack 3.

2019-06-03 – version 2.2.8
* Internal: (Core/Admin bar menu) Moved JS script to footer.

2019-06-02 – version 2.2.7
* Internal: (Core/Admin bar menu) Revised WPGlobus language menu in admin bar.
* Fixed: (Builders/Yoast) Don’t run builder mode for undefined post type, e.g. slides from Bridge theme.

2019-05-31 – version 2.2.6
* Fixed: (Builders/Elementor] Revised the language switcher JS script.
* Added: (Builders/Elementor] Localized permalink for the View Page button.
* Internal: (Core/Config Builder] Added is_default_language function.

2019-05-27 – version 2.2.5
* Fixed: (Core/JS) Fixed first buttons group alignment issue in tinyMCE editor (standard mode).

2019-05-25 – version 2.2.4
* Fixed: (Builders/Gutenberg) Don’t start JS script on disabled post type.

Thank you for your continuing support! Please enjoy the new release and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

FYI: Please read FAQ