WPGlobus Version 2 is a new major version, designed to work with WordPress 5.

It is compatible with the Gutenberg Editor, which is now a part of the WordPress Core.

Note: the Classic Editor plugin v.1.0 is not compatible with WordPress 4! For WordPress 4.9 and earlier versions, please stay with the Classic Editor v.0.5

2019-10-16 – version 2.2.20

  • Added: (Core/Post Types) Hide Gutenberg’s post types.
  • Added: (Core/Recommendation) A link to the “Recommendations” tab from the plugins.php page.
  • Added: (Admin/HelpDesk) Get subject from $_GET array.
  • Added: (Vendor/Yoast) Support Yoast SEO from v.12.
  • Added: (Vendor/Yoast) Support Yoast SEO Premium from v.12.(Beta stage).
  • Added: (Core/WPGlobusDialogApp) afterSave callback.

2019-10-02 – version 2.2.16
* Added: (Vendor/Yoast) Filters for `SEO Title`, `Meta Desc` on `edit.php` page.

2019-09-19 – version 2.2.15
* Fixed: (Builders/Gutenberg) TypeError Cannot read property ‘PluginSidebarMoreMenuItem’ of undefined.

Thank you for your continuing support! Please enjoy the new release and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

FYI: Please read FAQ