WPGlobus 2.1.11

//WPGlobus 2.1.11

WPGlobus Version 2 is a new major version, designed to work with WordPress 5.

It is compatible with the Gutenberg Editor, which is now a part of the WordPress Core, and with the Classic Editor plugin v.1.

Note: the Classic Editor v.1.0 is not compatible with WordPress 4! For WordPress 4.9 and earlier versions, please stay with the Classic Editor v.0.5

2019-03-09 – version 2.1.11
* Fixed: (Vendor/ACF) Do not reset the table field of the `ACF:Table Field` plugin.
* Fixed: Do not filter meta and multilingual fields for no-builder pages.

2019-02-23 – version 2.1.10
* Compatibility: new JS for Admin and Builders support, to work with WordPress 5.1.*

Thank you for your continuing support! Please enjoy the new release and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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