We are here to provide you with the best service possible. However, we are a small team, so please help us serving you better.


Read the Quick Start guide at https://wpglobus.com/quick-start/.

Browse the FAQ archives at https://wpglobus.com/faq/.

Check out the demo sites to see WPGlobus in action:

Try WPGlobus on a standard theme, like “twentyfourteen”. See if the problem is related to your theme.

The get support for WooCommerce, you need to purchase the WooCommerce-WPGlobus license at https://wpglobus.com/product/woocommerce-wpglobus/.


Some texts are displayed only in English, and there is no options panel to edit those texts.

Looks like those texts are coming from the theme’s code, and they are not translated. We cannot help with this. Talk to the theme author.

The theme has an options panel, and the texts can be edited – but only in one language.

  1. Enter the text in the internal WPGlobus format, like this: { :en }English Text{ : }{ :fr }French Text{ : } (no spaces within the curly braces).
  2. Install the WPGlobus Translate Option plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpglobus-translate-options/ and use its panel to enable translation of your theme’s options.

Theme displays titles, content or excerpts with the { : } marks.

This should be the theme author’s coding mistake. To make sure, switch theme and see if the problem is gone. Then talk to the theme author.


We do our best to make WPGlobus truly universal. We will respond to all your inquiries and try to help as much as we can.

However, we are unable to provide free support when the problem is related to a 3rd party theme or plugin. Especially when it’s a commercial product, which we do not even have access to.

We can, however, offer you a paid support and customization service. The procedure is:

  1. You submit the request to the WPGlobus Development Team.
  2. We analyze the situation and respond with a price quote.
  3. You pay us 50% deposit (via PayPal).
  4. You do a full backup of your site (files and database) and keep the backup offsite.
  5. You give us the full admin access to your site (WordPress, MySQL, FTP)
  6. We do the fix.
  7. You pay the remainder.

What if we discover that the problem was ours?

Then, of course, we will fix it for free! We’ll refund the deposit you paid.

You’ll be working directly with the core developers, and not third party service providers. Meaning you’ll be receiving the absolute best service and support possible.

Thank you!

The WPGlobus Team