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With the WPGlobus Language Widgets add-on, any widget can be displayed on pages written in certain languages and hidden on others.

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What is WPGlobus Language Widgets?

WPGlobus Language Widgets is a WPGlobus add-on that gives you additional control of widget logic by allowing to specify visibility by language. Any widget can be displayed on certain languages and hidden on others.

How to setup and configure the WPGlobus Language Widgets?

  • Install and activate the add-on.
  • Open the Widgets page in the WordPress administration menu.
  • On the Widgets page, you can use WPGlobus Languages checkboxes for every widget in every sidebar:
    WPGlobus Language Widgets screenshot


You need to install and activate the following plugins:

How To Install WPGlobus Extensions

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The license is valid for 3 sites, so you will be able to install the extension on your local development machine, on the staging server and on the production server – three for the price of one!

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Important Technical Notes:

  • We develop and test our software using the latest versions of PHP and WordPress only. While we do our best to write code compatible with older versions, we cannot be 100% sure that everything works correctly under older versions.
  • The multisite mode (multiple virtual sites sharing a single WordPress installation) is not tested and not supported.

A Brief Legal Disclaimer

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  • We do NOT guarantee that the software you are going to buy will suit you or will work exactly as it is required by your website. It is being sold AS-IS. It might NOT work for you. You are paying ONLY for the subscription for updates. Any specific help or customization you might need for your site is NOT included but can be provided for additional charge.
  • We are unable to offer any returns, refunds or exchanges. However, if within fourteen days from the purchase, you discover a critical problem in our code that we are unable to fix within thirty days from the purchase, we will cancel your subscription and refund 100% of the money you paid for the subscription.
  • NO LIABILITY for anything. The maximum amount you can receive from us is the amount you paid to us. No exceptions.
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