When you add a new language to an existing site, WPGlobus will show the default language content for all posts where the new language translation is not done yet.

For example, if you had a post “example.com/my-post/" in English, and add the French language in WPGlobus, then the link “example.com/fr/my-post/" would show the English text and English title – until you enter the French translation.

With WPGlobus Plus, you can set the new language as “draft” and then the "example.com/fr/my-post" URL will not exist and would show the “404 Not Found” page.

This works fine when you create a new post and choose which languages to publish and which to set as drafts.
With the existing site, however, all languages are “published” by default, which might cause a “duplicate” content issue with Google.

To resolve that, we’ve made a special tool in WPGlobus Plus:

Bulk set to draft - screenshot

Make sure you have a backup of your site. Incorrect usage would cause the entire site to become “404”!

Follow the simple steps:

  1. Choose the language
  2. Choose the post type (post, page, etc.)
  3. Click the link
  4. Repeat for other post types and languages.