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In a recent article, we’ve explained how to translate theme options, such as slideshow titles and content, presentation page elements, etc. – using the WPGlobus Translate Options extension.

The new WPGlobus Plus “Editor” module brings an advanced feature to the WordPress administrators and theme authors. After just a few steps, the theme options panel receives the infamous WPGlobus Multilingual Editor dialog icons, and so it’s no longer needed to enter the “curly bracketed” texts. No more silly typos, simple and easy multilingual theme!

Here is a LinkedIn / Slideshare presentation showing the exact steps on how to prepare a theme for easy option translation. We’ve used the “Tempera” theme as an example. However, the procedure is similar for most themes.

In the nearest future, the authors will be able to configure their themes and plugins to be automatically recognized by WPGlobus Plus.

Thank you for your interest in WPGlobus family of multilanguage WordPress plugins!

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