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Many themes use an option panel to enter text strings that will appear on the front page via special PHP code blocks, or widgets, or plugins (for instance, sliders).

In the case of widgets, WPGlobus should handle everything correctly, providing that the theme authors follow the WordPress coding guidelines.

With the theme options panel, because those texts are stored in the `options` database table, and not coming from a page or post, a special procedure is required to let WPGlobus handle multilingual strings.

In the theme->options (settings):

  1. Write all texts using special language delimiters:
    Multilingual text in WPGlobus formas
  2. Verify that text appears as you entered it on the front page (so, you were in the right place).

Install and activate the WPGlobus Translate Options plugin:

In the WPGlobus -> Translate Options:

  1. Use the search box to find the string you just typed.
  2. Usually, you will find an options key named after your theme.
  3. Add that option to the “Add to translation” box and save.

See if the text is displayed properly now. If everything is OK, continue entering all the texts the same way (with the delimiters).

Do you have the WPGlobus Plus extension?

You may find additional information on theme strings translation here.

Sounds confusing? Does not work?

If you need help, please consider hiring the WPGlobus Development Team. Thank you!

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