The text below is written entirely by a WPGlobus user. We appreciate the creativity and willingness to help the community! Thank you!

I’ve been using the WPGlobus add-on and I was hoping that it could meet my needs. I was really optimistic at first. The navigation bar inclusion works great and the division between pages works fantastically.

However, my theme uses a Drag-And-Drop page builder. I was hoping that it would work in that I could select, on a given page, the language tab for which I want the content to be different, and it would allow me to create different content. However, the language tab seems to be disregarded. If I change the content on the page builder on say, the Polish tab; then the content is changed for both English and Polish tabs. Even though I was on the Polish tab at the time.

This screenshot might illustrate better, what I’m saying:

Page Builder Screenshot

Page Builder Screenshot

Is there a way to get around this? I’m a huge fan of the add-on, but I can’t seem to find an alternative that matches up to what WPGlobus does. But I need to be able to change my site content using the builder if at all possible.

Can you help me at all, or is this an issue specific to my theme? I’d love to be able to continue using WPGlobus, I think you guys have done fantastic work.

The Solution

For anyone else looking for a similar answer, I did find a solution.

  1. Separate your translated pages into separate pages.
  2. Most page builders allow those translated pages to be called as shortcodes.
  3. Go to your central page, and use those shortcodes calling those pages on the relevant translation page instead of the page builder content using the classic/original composer.

This worked perfectly for me, but obviously this will depend on your version of page builder.

Once again, thanks a lot guys, keep up the great work.