WPGlobus Plus 1.1.55

The recent changes:


  • Module ACF:
    • Added support for the multilingual table field of the ACF:Table Field plugin.
  • Module Menu Settings:
    • fixed PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function get_queried_object().
  • Module Taxonomies (beta-7):
    • fixed PHP Fatal error with PHP version less than 5.6.


  • Module Publish:
    • Added trigger wpglobus-sample-permalink:done.
    • Fixed misbehaviour when the home URL contains a subfolder.
    • Fixed misbehaviour when the $_SERVER['REQUEST_SCHEME']global variable is empty.
    • Disable slug field in the Yoast SEO metabox for extra languages.
  • Module Taxonomies (beta-7):
    • Fixed the Undefined index 'taxonomy' notice during AJAX processing.
    • Getting correct slug for WooCommerce product post type.
    • Fixed post type slug localization when opts['taxonomy'] is empty.
    • Added a separate JS script for the 'post.php' page.
    • Show the correct CPT slug after update for extra languages.

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